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How WOW Concept is curating an immersive connected customer experience with Retail Pro Prism

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WOW Concept’s Experiential Ethos


Madrid’s WOW Concept launched in March 2022 as a totally reimagined shopping destination. Eight floors of immersive experiences include a neon-lit industrial gym, a fashion catwalk for exclusive shows, a 70s themed penthouse, three floors of fashion, a self-care lab, a gaming & tech-themed basement lined with a 3D-printed coral mural, and restaurants boasting Michelin-starred chefs. The retail destination is an experience down to the interior’s architecture, which was renovated by Carmelo Zapulla, a renowned current architect.


Environmental Encouragement to Innovate


WOW Concept is a product of the immense phase of disruptions, innovation and change that was catalyzed and accelerated by COVID’s outbreak in 2020. Exciting directions of technical innovation for retailers became solutions that could address real problems caused by supply chain difficulties, closed stores and tight restrictions. Consumers, constrained by pandemic restrictions, reemerged with shopping habits influenced by online tools and a greater demand for convenience.

Immersive Aesthetic Retail Experience


The rise of the Metaverse, coupled with soaring expectations for immersive in-person shopping experiences, is driving the retail sector toward inventive, immersive “phygital” retail encounters. The WOW Concept is a pioneer in offering this sort of imaginative, immersive shopping experience, and has chosen Retail Pro Prism POS as the foundation for WOW Concept’s aesthetically-focused strategy. Leveraging the browser-based Retail Pro technology on sleek mobile devices, WOW Concept reinforces the brand’s futuristic vision and unleashes the customer experience form the checkout counter to happen at the poing og discovery on the store floor, with the sales associate smoothly transitioning from clienteling to completing the checkout. 

Retail Pro Prism’s customizable UI is editable with html down to every detail and allows WOW Concept to completely tailor the check-out experience to the inmersive aesthetic experience of each floor. Retail Pro Prism’s eassy compatibility with any mobile device also further enables an immersive, elevated customer experience.


Omnichannel operations


The aim is to draw people into an ethereal experience that stimulates the imagination and gives expression to wonder and creativity in retail. As an innovative sotre, the WOW Concept of course offers click-and-collect, an offer wildly popularized by the pandemic.

Retail Pro Prism provides an integrated view of data from all channels, whick not only makes practices such as click-and-collect possible but reduces friction in the in-store shopping experience as it enables sotre associates to help customers in search of a certain size or color more effciently and with more certainty.

Crucial to such omnichannel offerings in stock visibility across channels. WOW Concept has relied on Cosin Consulting to get Retail Pro Prism integrated to SAP4H, SAP E-commerce Cloud, and a warehouse management system – key tools needed for real-tme inventory visibility.


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