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Experts in point of sale, backoffice and electronic payment. Take for omnichannel strategy to the next level, improve your profitability with flexible solutions for your business.

Cosin consulting servicio de consultoría para retail


In Cosin Consulting we are expert consultants. We offcer integral advice around all the IT processes involved in the retail sector. Our job is to analyze in detail each business and provide a solution that fils with your needs. Also, we help brands to improve their value chain and, therefore, to achieve their goals more efficiently.

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Every business is different, even stores of the same company or franchise require individualized solutions. For this reason, at Cosin, we develop customized projects for each of our customers. 

We have a team of professional coding experts, we design custom solutions, POS (point of sale) software and POS customization. We help you connect all your company’s systems with your retail solutions so that you have complete control over your business.

Cosin Consulting gestión de proyectos consultoría retail
Cosin Consulting desarrollo a medida de software para el sector retail


At Cosin Consulting we have a team of professional, experts in custom coding, for the integration of POS software with CRM, ERP, accounting programs, etc. 

We offer total adaptability of our solutions with the systems of each company. Supported by more than 20 years of experience, designing customized solutions that adapt to the business models of our customers. 


We handle the entire process of installation and integration of hardware and software at your point of sale

In the same way, our team of professionals will implement our software with the least impact on your business in a fast and efficient way. In a few hours, your employees will be able to handle all the poin-of-sale and electronic payment tools your business needs.


The human factor is a key element in our business. Therefore, we offer special training in retail software. As a result, your employees will acquire the necessary knowledge to work efficiently in each of the processes linked to your point of sale.

In addition, we provide you a continuous and flexible training system, either face-to-face or online, adapting to your needs and to the different user profiles you have in your company. 


Our maintenance team for point of sale and retail specific processes, works to offer you the updates and development of new applications necessary for the perfect functioning of the software and hardware installed. 

Our technical service is fast and professional, certified by each of our suppliers, we offer a personalized service and guarantee the attention that your business needs before the daily incidentes. In addition, the Cosin team has extensive experience in solving problems in point of sale and retail software.

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