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EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a technology that enables the exchange of documents between the computer systems of companies involved in a business relationship.

The fact that the documents exchange is standarized is what makes EDI particularly remarkable. As a result, it’s possible to exchange electronically different types of documents, such as orders, shipping notes, price catalogs, etc., between different partners. All of this is possible thanks to the use of a common language that enables different information system to interact with each other, automating their integration into internal management systems or ERP.

Thanks to EDICOM, EDI connectivity system, you will be able to do more agile and efficient operations, as well as you connect your company’s comercial, purchasing and administration departments.

In consecuence, your company will be able to reduce costs significantly, with a reduction that, depending on the level of implementation, can be as much as 90% compared to the same process using documents managed by post, fax, or mail. In thisway, you will be able to save time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

EDICOM - Conectividad EDI esquema
EDICOM - Integraciones EDI
Cosin EDI POS Interface (CEDI POS ®)

CEDI POS ®, through the EDI platform of EDICOM, enables you to connect your retail management system with the main retailers in the world, such as El Corte Inglés, Harrods, Coin, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Inno, among others.

To ensure a fast and reliable communication between platforms, it’s essential to execute your transactions using standardized electronic message, such as Pricat, Desadv, Order, Response, among others. In this way,you wil be able to establish efficient and secure communication with your partners.

In addition, thanks to this solution, you will be able to integrate in a single retail platform the management of all your sales channels. With this, you will be able to connect your concessions, franchises or e-commerce, and to access in a quick and reliable way to the key information that you need for make strategic decisions.

On the other hand, you will be able to manage all your networks of stores in a centralized and homogenic way, as the same way that you do with your network of own stores. In this way, you will be able to optimize the management of your stores and make sure that all of them will be aligned with your company goals.

Cosin EDI ERP Interface (CEDI ERP®)

CEDI ERP® is a solution that, through EDICOM’s EDI platform, connects your retail management system with your suppliers. Also, our solution automates the generation, sending and recording of any electronic transation and is able of interact with any ERP. 

Thanks to this solution, orders, shipping notes, product catalogs, electronic invoice and other documents are automatically processed, without human intervention.  So, the entire process of managing of your transactions is carried out efficiently and in real time.

In addition, by not having to spend time creating catalogs or product ordering and receiving documents, you can focus on improving your end-customer selling techniques and increasing the productivity of your business. 

To sum up, the CEDI ERP® solution enables you to automize and simplify the management  process of your transactions, saving you time and resources. At the same time, it allows you to focus on improving your business and increasing customer satisfaction. 

EDICOM - Conectividad EDI con tus proveedores
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Cosin EDI SAFT Interface (CEDI SAFT®)

CEDI SAFT® is a solution that enables you to comply with tax legislation in an effective way. So that, through communication between the Tax and Customs Authorities, transport documents between your business are managed efficiently. Moreover, thanks to EDICOM’s EDI platform, you will be able to simplify this process in your company.

In this sense, EDICOM solution automatizes the sending of data in real time to the Tax Authority via Webservice. Like this, the system generates the authorization code quickly and efficiently. Once the code is generated, our interface receives it and automatically integrates it into the corresponding shipping document. In this way, manual validation processes are avoided and maximum process efficiency is ensured.