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Integrated Tax Free Shopping system, attract tourists to your points of sale

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Tax-Free shopping is a system that allows your foreign customers to get a refund of the value-added tax (VAT) on their purchases when they visit your stores.

Tax-Free Shopping benefits tourists by reducing the cost of their purchases, and retailers by attracting more visitors and increasing sales.

Fully integrated solution with Retail Pro, with Tax Free issued directly from the POS
Choice of A4 or ticket size
Consistent managament across all countries in which you operate
Integrated passport reader for customer identification

Global Blue, the market-leading tax-free operator with more than 300,000 affiliated merchants worldwide, enabling merchants to attract and serve customers better.

Tax Free Shopping in 3 simple steps


Go shopping abroad

As a tourist, go to a store that has the Tax Free Global Blue system.

Get Customs Validation

Before leave, complete your Tax Free Form and get it validated by Customs

Get a refund

Add payments details and find your nearest Refund Office or Kiosk

In Store Solutions

Global Blue’s next-generation issuance solutions ensure that store associates deliver a smooth and fast Tax Free experience. Meet all your unique needs, no matter the size of your business, with Retail Pro integration.

IC2 Integra

Secure and efficient cloud-based issuance solution that integrates with your POS to issue Tax Free forms directly from your retail software.

Transaction and purchase details are automatically inserted into the Tax Free Form.

Available on:

compras tax free global blue IC2 Integra

IC2 POS Interface

Efficient and secure cloud-based issuing solution, which enables large retailers and department stores to separate the moment a shopper pays for goods and the issuing of Tax Free Forms.

Tax Free can be done through self-service kiosks, by scanning your receipt and passport, or at the till with a store assistant.

Transaction and purchase details are retrieved form the POS though the receipt number, and automatically inserted into Tax Free Forms.

Available on:

global blue tax free integration integraciones fiscales regional requirements and AENA

IC2 Standalone

Light weight, cloud-based issuing solution that requires no installation.

IC2 Standalone is a ready-to-use solution for smallers retailers with a limited volume of Tax Free shoppers.

Retailers simply need a login and access to start using Tax-Free Forms in-store with a quick installation.

Available on:

Global Blue compras tax free IC2 Standalone

Start offering Tax Free Shopping in your stores

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