OMS - Order Management

The Agile Order Management Solution for Your Omnichannel Strategy

Simplified integration and optimum visibility

OneStock integrates inventory data from all your inventory systems and locations.


These stocks are consolidated by OneStock and published through various distribution channels: website, marketplaces, store, etc.


  • Select the stock you want to sell through each of your sales channels.
  • Check the stock available for sale online in real time through OneStock.
  • Consult on the platform the details of the stock and its calculations with a detail locator to have accurate and detailed information to give to your customers.

Take advantage of the Order In Store, which allows you to check store stock and unified inventory.

Sellers can then inform customers and know where to find the right one or the right size.


The unification of inventories allows the sale of all products at each point of contact with the customer, wherever they are located (warehouses, stores, concessions, suppliers, distributors, etc.).

When it is about optimizing every order and increasing profitability, there is only one solution: orchestration.

Consolidating all your stocks in a single point of consultation, OneStock – OMS, the agile order management solution, allows you to quickly implement your proposals for a unique user experience.

Optimize the process of each order and benefit from all the advantages of being omnichannel