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Retail Pro is a fully integrated retail management that is always looking to the future to provide more benefits to both retailers and customers.


Kids Cavern has created a deluxe user experience with Retail Pro. 

When shoppers feel a connection with the retailer, they do more than just buy items from your business. They promote the company, connect with the brand and they are loyal to it.

The best brands nurture to these types of customers, by creating opportunities for share experiences. Companies targeting children are a perfect example of the important of nurturing their followers.
Toys R Us, an 80s and 90s icon, couldn’t compete in today’s economy with online toy stores offering affordability and convenience.
A key part of TRU’s problem was the inability to meaningfully engage buyers.
Founded in 1989, Kids Cavern is the UK’s top independent retailer, boasting 130+ luxury children’s wear and shoe brands, and they have a unique approach.
Managing Director Danny Shelvey and his team are focusing on experiential retail as a key competitive and advantage – and they’re building their CX strategy on flexible Retail Pro POS and retail management software.



Competitive Advantage: Experiential Retail


Many Kids Cavern competitors are solely online, making it crucial for them to establish a physical retail presence that nurtures customer relationships.

Summer 2019 on the occasion of its 30th anniversary in 2020, Kids Cavern made a move from its 372 sqm store, to a 1,400 sqm store to provide ample space for children’s fashion inspiration to flourish. 

The opening gala retained the tone of Kids Cavern’s creative concept for experiential marketing and included a runway show featuring and children’s fashion show.

A new, long, and rectangular building is designed as a department store, featuring dedicated spaces for each designer label they stock, such as Armani, Gucci, Fendi, Givenchy, Burberry, Moncler, and others adored by fashion-conscious parents.

The shoe store within the store makes Kids Cavern the place to conveniently complete a child’s wardrobe.

The stores is planned to feature a soda and sweets bar, a child’s hairdresser aream and large mounted TV screens throughout that will play music videos, creating and experience kids love.

Kid’s Cavern is setting a high bar for the future of retail as theses little shoppers grow up.

The shoe space in the store makes it a convenient place to complete a child’s wardrobe.

kids cavern tienda londres interior retail pro cosin consulting


Creating Loyalty & Retention


Though Kids Cavern’s young shoppers may not know it yet, their parents will certainly appreciate convenience as a major part of every good shopping experience – and this retailer is leveraging functionality in Retail Pro to tailer their store experience to customers’ needs.

Retail Pro is a fully integrated system that is always looking to the future for morebenefits to the retailer & customer. It has everything we need: inventory, reporting web integration, layaway system – and a fab support team in our Retail Pro Business Partner”, said Shelvey. “I can’t praise them enough – they’re always friendly, knowledgeable, positive, and fast. We love working with them.”

With Retail Pro sales orders, Kids Cavern can offer layaway, so customers can enjoy shopping for and purchasing that latest fashions, but with a deferred payment and pickup.

Customers who are connected via an Instagram account can call or text the store and request items to be put into their accounts.

“Layaway is a free facility for the customers enabling them to not have to spend there and then, and it keeps the customer loyal to us,” Shelvey added.

And Kids Cavern gives shoppers even more reason to remain loyal with points toward greater discounts on their products through Sweettooth loyalty.

The strategy not only offers customers convenience, but also builds the foundation for repeat trips to the store and loyalty.

About 25 – 30% of their sales are now from layaway sales orders.


Integrated Ecommerce and Click & Collect


Roughly the same percentage of Kids Cavern’s sales are generated from ecommerce. And, with free worldwide delivery, Kids Cavern is getting sales not only from their UK compatriots but also from the far east, the US, Japan, and the Middle East.

Phil Fowler and Ellie Evans, eCommerce managers, are shaping Kids Cavern’s online strategy, blending the brand’s identity from physical stores with its website.

Each reflects the other so a clear synergy between the two is apparent to customers.

Retail Pro helps provide a smooth integration of those luxury brands’ in-store inventory with web sales via Retail Dimensions Integrated Commerce Engine (RD-ICE), which powers Retail Pro ecommerce integrations for more than 1,000 brands around the globe.

After RD-ICE was configured, Kids Cavern0s Retail Pro POS could communicate with their Magente ecommerce, automatically synchronizing POS data with e-commerce and web orders within Retail Pro.

The Retail Pro ecommerce integration optimizes inventory, streamlines operations and reduces manpower needed to manage this chanel of the business.

Kids Cavern is looking forward to achieving unified commerce between brick and mortar and online stores with Retail Pro, and the new store building will dedicate some floor space to create a Click & Collect station for convenient store fulfillment of online orders.



Always  Ready for Changing Retail Needs


For over 20 years Kids Cavern hasbeen using flexible Retail Pro software, evolving it along with their business needs.

This continual evolution of operations and Retail Pro technology have helped the retailer attain their reputation for providing sought-after inventory, optimal experience and great incentives for customer loyalty.

Today, the needs are greater customer convenience and a retail experience to keep shoppers coming back.

Whatever the retail industry demands tomorrow, Kids Cavern will be ready for it with Retail Pro.

If you would like to improve the management of your retail business, like Kids Cavern with Retail Pro, contact us.

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