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Learn how to comply with tax requirements as a retailer in Portugal

If you are a retailer in Portugal, tax compliance is essential. But did you know that your retail management software must also comply with the country’s tax requirements? Each state has its own regulations, and making sure you are compliant will help you avoid complications with the national tax authorities.

In Portugal, there are various tax requirements that you should be aware of.

1. Document Identification

Starting in 2022, invoices and tax documents must include a two-dimensional barcode known as a QR code.

2. ATCUD Unique Identification Code

On January 1, 2023, it became mandatory to include the  unique ATCUD (Code Validation Numero Sequential) identifying code on all fiscally relevant documents, including invoices.

3. Digital signature on e-invoices

New as of January 1, 2024, electronic and PDF invoices will need to have a digital signature in order to be valid.

It is essential that the software you use to perform all these tasks is approved by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaniera de Portugal)

If you are looking for solutions to meet your tax obligations in Portugal, Cosin Consulting is here to help you. 

tax requirements Portugal

Cosin Consulting: your ally in fiscalization in Portugal

Cosin has developed software certified by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT), specially designed for invoicing in Portugal. Our tax module includes the following key elements.
– Sales plugin: Generates tax documents, such as invoices and reservations, in accordance with Portuguese tax regulations.
– Movements plugin: Ideal for retailers with multiple physical locations. This plugin generates the necessary transport documents for the transfer of goods between stores in portuguese territory.
Features of our Retail Pro integration


  • Set of document layouts with the fields required for printing.
  • The SAF-T (PT) tool, which allows you to extract tax data and submit it to the TA.
  • Portuguese translation of application screens.
  • Configure user permission to properly manage the application.
  • General configuration of the application’s system settings.
  • Security policy to prevent data loss.
  • Plugins installation manual.
  • SAF-T Tool Installation Manual (PT).
  • User’s guide and manuals.
  • Applies to Retail Pro v9 and Prism.
It should be added that the sales and transaction plugins are offered separately, so you can customize the audit to meet your current needs.
On the other hand, the SAF-T PT file simplifies the reporting of accounting and tax information by electronic means. Your company needs a telematic system to process the SAF-T accounting returns and submit them to the TA.
At Cosin Consulting we understand the importance of tax compliance in Portugal. Our certified solution and customizable plug-ins give you the tools you need to ensure smooth operations and compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your tax obligations and grow your business.