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Customer Experience: Discover what is causing tension

Keeping our customers happy is the main factor for the success of our retail business, and that means creating a careful, smooth and pleasant customer experience. 

Discover how Retail Pro can help you generate a better shopping experience for your customers thank to:

Replenishment & inventory management


When customers can’t find the product they are lookng for in your store it can be a major inconvenience to purchase. It is important to make sure your inventory is up to date and well organized to avoid any cunfision or inconvenience to your customers. In addition, you should also take into account the flow of your products and the frequency with which they are replenished to ensure their availability.

Customer  & employee management


Unfriendly store staff and lack of attention can negatively affect the customer experience. Make sure your employees are trained and also, available to help and attend the point of sale. The staff on each shift should be optimized for the management of the business. For this reason, it is important to take into account the number of customers thay may be in the store at the same time, to ensure that they all have a nice, comfortable and crowd-free shopping experience.

POS  mobility


Customers are looking for convenience when shopping, especially when it comes to payment. Having mobile POS in a retail business, you can improve the shopping experience, allowing customers to pay from anywhere in the store, without having to go to the counter and wait in line at the cash register.

As mentioned above, Retail Pro allows this free mobility for your business, as it is available for iOS, Android and Windows, so you can install it on cell phones, computers and desktop devices.

Robust pricing & promotions

Price and promotion are important factors that influence the customer’s purchase decision. The prices of your products, in addition to being competitive, must be clear to customers and communicated effectively. Make sure that the price indicated on the product label and the payment system is identical, to avoid errors and inconveniences during the sale. You may consider using price and promotion analysis tools to ensure that the prices you offer and promotions you run are effective.

Store and back office operations

Efficient store and back office operations are essential to ensure a smooth and seamlss shopping experience. Make sure your processes and systems are efficient and designed to meet customer needs. Another factor to consider is safety, security and comfort of customers in the store, as well as, of course, the quality of after-sales service.

Performance and KPIs reporting


Analyzing and tracking results is critical for decision making and improving the shopping experience. Make sure you have clear and accurate reports of your business results and track the most relevant KPIs in retail, so you can identify areas for improvementand make adjustments where and when are neccessary.

Intuitive and customizable POS system


Last but not least, the use of an intuitive and customizable POS is a key favtor of improving the performance of your point of sale and therefore your customer experience. Make sure you usea a POS that is easy yo use and reliable. The POS should be adaptable so that you can make adjustments and improvements in the future.

For all this and more, we recommend the use of Retail Pro, being the best ally that you can haven in the management of your retail business, as there are just some of its features.

Remember that in Cosin we are exclusive partners of Retail Pro in Spain and Portugal. If ypu would like to know more about how Retail Pro can help you to improve your customer experience, please contact us and we will inform you.