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Discover how video analysis can improve your retail business

iCape‘s video analysis solutions helps many retailers around the world to have complete control over their physical stores and points of sale.


Learn how some retailers are already taking advantage of this solution:

video análisis retail icape

Capitalizing on lost opportunities 

Hours where performance was below average were identified and stores took action. The result was an extra 8% in revenue per month.
  • Visitors would abandon their purchases during times of inefficient service levels. The store would have no knowledge of these abandonments as there were no transactions recorded i.e. the view the store had was success biased.
  • Identifying these lost opportunity hours, allowed retailer to focus efforts. Managers investigated, intervened and corrected. Customer service increased, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
video análisis en retail iCape

Increase in conversion rates

Increased conversion rate of between 6% and 13% as a result of the Queue Management Solution.
  • Previously, queues were long and service levels were below par. Customers would abandon their purchases, complain and not return to the store.
  • More efficient queues and better customer service led to increase in conversion rate. The qualitative impact on customers increased as well.
  • The Queue Management Solution alerted them predictively before queue wait times would become unacceptable, and cashier were deployed proactively.

Deploying staff prior to peaks

Deploying staff prior to peaks led to increased conversion of 12% 
  • Before, the retailer struggled to identify peak times of activity per store and transaction data missed out on visitors walking out without buying. Peak times were not aligned to transaction activities.
  • As a result, of understanding visitor entry rates, staff were deployed to their designated positions 15 minutes prior to peak customer entry. 

Prepared food counter replenishment

After implementing customer activity based preparation, sales increased 13.2% and waste reduced by 4.3%
  • Optimizing the hot food counter was critical to reducing waste and maximizing profit, as prepared food had a very short shelf life.
  • iCape revealed that customer dwell times increased near the end of the replenishment period, but sales decreased. This suggested that the customers were looking for a desired product that was not available. By preparing food based on customer arrivals, the retailer increased sales and reduced waste.

Maximizing fitting room access

Understanding visitor peaks enabled the retailer to maximize fitting room access, which resulted in increased conversion rate and revenue generated.
  • As a result of long fitting room queues, visitors abandoned their purchases. Visitors who bought without trying on, would return items after trying clothes on at home. This placed, pressure on the return department and customer complaints increased.
  • Before: Fitting rooms were manned as a result of decisions made by floor staff who made decisions based on limited information.
  • After: Fitting rooms were opened and manned based on visitor traffic patterns and peak trends. Visitors were able to access the fitting rooms and purchased products and complementary products. Garment returns reduced, alleviating pressure on service centers.

Maximizing sales staff efficiency

Maximized interaction of sales assistants with visitors at different times of the day, increased conversion by 8%.
  • Before, retailer lacked insights on when to deploy sales staff efficiently.
  • After, retailer had visibility into visitor numbers per floor and department, enabling informed staff allocation decisions. It minimized over-deployment costs and ensured staff met visitor needs during peak times, maximizing sales opportunities. 
If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your business through video analytics, contact us and our team of retail optimisation experts will be happy to discuss how you can implement iCape in your store.