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10 keys to choose the right POS software for point of sale

Choose the right point of sale (POS) for your stores is one of the most important decisions a retailer can make. An effective POS software will not only make your transactions more agile, but it will also allow you to optimize inventory management with more detailed analytics and a better customer experience.

For this reason, we would like to present you 10 keys that you should to take into account when you are choosing the right POS system for your point of sale:

1. Define your specific needs

Identify your specific needs before making a decision: Do you need inventory management functionality? Do you want to integrate loyalty programs? Defining your needs will help you focus on the solutions that meet your requirements.

2. Compatibility with your industry

At Cosin Consulting we are specialized in retail business, but we have to take into account that there are more sectors that use this type of software. One of these examples could be the hospitality industry. The requirements of a restaurant are quite different from those of a fashion store. A POS adapted to your operations will simplify its implementation and daily use.

3. Ease of use

Usability is critical to your team. A POS system must be intuitive and easy to learn to minimize mistakes and issues  and improve the efficiency of your staff.


Choose a POS that will grow with you. As your business grows and expands, you need a software that can handle higher transactions volumens and additional features.

5.Integration with other systems

Make sure you can connect your POS to other solutions you use in your organization, such as accounting software or the e-commerce application itself. Seamless integration simplifies data management. 

6. Date Security

Security is essential, specially when you are handling sensitive customer transactions and data. Make sure your POS software meets security and data encryption standards.

7. Technical Support and Updates

Select a software vendor that offers solid technical support and regular updates. This will ensure that your system is always updated and functional. 

8. Total costs

At this point, you should consider both the initial cost of onboarding and the long-term costs, including licenses, maintenance, and upgrades. Evaluate what is the best long-term investment for your organization.

9. Analysis and Reporting

A good POS gives you detailed reports on your operations. This data helps you make informed decisions and optimize processes.

10. Customer experience

POS systems are also tools for improving the customer experience. Look for an option that allows you to accept a variety of payment methods and streamline the checkout process.

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Why choose Retail Pro?


Among the wide range of POS software available on the market, Cosin Consulting recommends Retail Pro. This POS meets all the requirements mentioned above. 

The competitive advantage of Retail Pro over other software is that it is fully customizable, each project is tailored through its partners. Its flexibility allows you to get an adaptable system that is aligned with your processes and objectives.


Retail Pro is able to adapt to different categories of retailers, either differentiated by theproducts they sell or by the size of the company. It is totally reliable, in cloting stores, grocery stores, electronics stores, shoe stores, franchises, etc.

It is very easy to use and its intuitive interface makes it easy to learn. All of this makes for a fast employee training process and efficient day-to-day operations.

Scalability is not an issue either. This solution adapts as your business grows. Whether you are adding points of sale or increasing the number of registers in a single location, increasing transaction volume is no problem. 

In terms of integrations, Retail Pro is second to none. The software has multiple integrations, both for payment systems, as in the case of Adyen, as well as for document management (Edicom), fiscalization in different countries, etc. Take a look around our website and see all the solutions we offer, as they are all integrated with Retail Pro.

In addition, you can’t get better technical support. Retail Pro has partners around the world, Cosin being one of them. Not to mention the software assurance service, an annual subscription that ensures that your license is always up to date with the lastest news.

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Finding the right POS software for your business is critical to its success. Do you research, compare options, and choose the one that meets your current and future needs. Choosing the right option can make all the difference in your business operations and customer satisfaction.

Elegir el software TPV correcto para nuestro negocio es crucial para su éxito. Investiga, compara opciones y elige aquel que se adapte a tus necesidades actuales y futuras. Elegir la opción correcta puede marcar una diferencia operativa y de satisfacción de tus clientes.

We have made it clear and we believe that Retail Pro is the best POS software that meets all the requirements that a good POS system should have. What about you? Still having any doubts? Contact our team of retail experts and schedule a demo.