Regional requirements

Tax regional requiremetns and AENA certification

Easily meet all tax requirements at your point of sale

regional requirements and AENA

In Cosin, we help you expand your business by offering you software solutions to easily comply with the fiscal requirements of all your locations.


Tax module Spain

  • Issuance of simplified invoices
  • Issuance of complete invoices
  • Auto-detection of tax requirements
  • Compatible with Retail Pro Prism
  • Easy to install
  • Update to meet current regulatory requirements

Tax module Portugal

  • Digital signature integrated in documents
  • Document identification and issue date
  • Point of sale identification code
  • Generation of SAFT PT files
  • Compatible with Retail Pro Prism
  • Update to meet current regulatory requirements

AENA certification

  • AENA approved documents and format
  • Adherence to AENA technical requirements
  • Standardized transaction format
  • QR code and boarding pass scanning
  • Connecting to the Airport Multiservice Network
  • Easy to install
regional requirements and AENA EFSTA


International fiscalization solutions for your point of sale system.

Their fiscalization middleware is completely operating system independent and can be installed on the POS, the server or the cloud.

Offer your customers a convenient and modern way to receive their receipts.

Fiscalization in different countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia.

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