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Pop-Up Stores Support an Omnichannel Vision

Pop-Up Stores Support an Omnichannel Vision Pop-ups project a fun, trendy and intimate attitude to customers, and for retailers they can function as an integral part of an omnichannel strategy. Pop-up stores represent a temporary opportunity for shoppers to take

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generación z retail
Customer experience

Connecting with Generation Z in retail

Connecting with Generation Z in retail Generation Z includes retailers’ fist set of digitally native consumers. Born after 1996, these customers have never known a worl without the internet. As result, they have high expectations of interconnectedness between online and

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gamificación en retail
Customer experience

Retail gamification: the key to customer loyalty

Gamificación en retail: la clave para la fidelización de clientes Every day it becomes more difficult to not only attract new customers, but to keep the ones we already have. Generate anticipation in your brand’s followers and make them feel

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